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At Truth vs Lies we try to bring you the truth, undistorted, no redactions, no censoring, just the best information we can provide. We encourage you to do your own research; God gave you a brain and the ability to discern Truth vs Lies it is up to you to use your God given gifts. We know we don’t always get everything exactly right, but remember the Main Stream Media (MSM) distorts, twist, and censors every single piece of news they report.  Did you know the MSM owns 1500 newspapers,  1100 magazines, 9000 radio stations, 1500 TV stations, 2400 publishers all owned by 6 corporations! You are being told only what the 272 executives want you to hear! At Truth vs Lies we will always try to bring you the Truth and let you make your own decision about events thru out the world.

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2020-03-18-Corona-Virus-001 2020-03-18-Corona-Virus-001
2020-03-24-Corona-Virus-002 2020-03-23-Corona-Virus-002
2020-03-28-Corona-Virus-003 2020-03-28-Corona-virus-003
2020-03-30-Corona-Virus-004 2020-03-30-Corona-virus-004
2020-03-31-Corona-Virus-005 2020-03-31-Corona-virus-005
2020-04-01-Whats-going-on-in-Syria-006 2020-04-01-What_is_going_on_in_Syria-006.pdf
2020-04-02-Train-Governor-007 2020-04-02-train-wreck-governor-007
2020-04-03-false-flag-empty-hospitals-008 2020-04-03-false-flag-empty-hospitals-008
2020-04-05-defensive-posture-009 2020-04-05-deffensive posturing-009
2020-04-10-good-friday-010 2020-04-10-Good-Friday-010
2020-04-12-power-011 2020-04-12-power-011
2020-04-14-king-david-hrc-012 2020-04-14-king-david-hrc-012
2020-04-18-power-protection_013 2020-04-18-power-protection-013
2020-04-21-oil-rights-014 2020-04-21-oil-rights-014
2020-04-25-health-015 2020-04-25-health-015
2020-05-01-Arrogance-and-the-Law-016 2020-05-01-Arrogance-and-the-law-016
2020-05-13-Color-of-Law-Murder-Obamagate-017 2020-05-13-Color-of-Law-Murder-Obamagate-017
2020-05-30-Flat Tires and Murder - 018 2020-05-30-Flat Tires and Murder - 018